About Police Pictures

Police Pictures was founded and created by the idea of supporting & humanizing law enforcement officers. Since establishment, we have had the same, outstanding goal of supporting and humanizing law enforcement officers. Our team is made up entirely of volunteers that either support law enforcement officers, are law enforcement officers, or have plans to become law enforcement officers in the future. Our vision is to have an everlasting impact on the law enforcement community.

A big emphasis of our organization lies on capturing moments at various law enforcement events. We have a strong belief that capturing moments is important, so that they can long outlive all of us. The moments we capture have the capability to outlive all of us. 

Thank you, Lieutenant Santiago from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, for helping us elaborate this belief regarding capturing the important moments surrounding law enforcement and the community. 

Making memories last forever. 

Police Pictures utilizes and has the ability to host online fundraisers to raise funds for law enforcement agencies/ officers. 

Police Pictures was established as a Nonprofit in March of 2019 and is now celebrating 5 years of serving our law enforcement officers. 


Our Mission, Vision, and Values



Commitment to Transparency 


Great Nonprofits Award Winner

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